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Who is Sarbjit Dhunda?

Who is Sarbjit Dhunda?
At best, a charismatic college lecturer, at the very worst an spiritually deprived, uneducated and egotistical nutty professor.

Why is there controversy regarding this individual?
Although for the minority he is seen as a thought provoking and logical modern preacher, for the majority he is a mischievous talker who rejects the key fundamentals of Sikhi. His sugar-coated poisonous speeches concentrate on simple current issues to initially engage the listeners, from this he then misquotes and misuses Gurbani to suit his agenda. He further challenges and distorts Sikh history and principles in an attempt to give a modern ‘logical’ argument against spirituality and out rightly rejecting the spiritual experiences of Gursikhs. At times it seems he is an atheist, as he degrades our great Gurus to mere mortals and disrespects inspirational Gursikhs such as Baba Deep Singh, by questioning if he really sacrificed his head and Bhai Taru Singh by challenging the occurrences of his Sakhi (Story).

What has he done to upset the Sikh community?

1) One can argue that he is discriminated against due to association, but analysing the situation, he chooses to be part of this rogue league of misguided preachers. His association/supporting of/hosting events by the below individuals causes concern for the Panth. (Please note the below list consists mainly of individuals who have been excommunicated from the Sikh Nation. Hence any relationship with such individuals cannot be in the best interests of the Sikh community).

- Ragi Darshan Singh (
- Prof Inder Ghagha (
- Prof Harjinder Dilgeer (
- Kala Afghana - Gurbax Singh (
- Prof Gurbachan Singh (Thailandwala) (
- Gurcharan Singh Jeonwala ( – this is also the same individual who wrote his own version of Jaap Sahib, as the one Guru Gobind Singh Ji wrote ‘was not good enough’ – (
- Veer Bhupinder Singh (
- Jagtar Singh Jachak
- Tiger Jatha (UK)

His co-nutty proffessors include Harjinder Sabhra and Sukhwinder Dadehar. Sarbjit Dhunda regularly sits on panels with these individuals. As a team, they attack our great history.

2) His modernistic approach to religion – For Dunda, any idea outside his intellectual capacity, he simply regects. The lack of spirituality, guidance and Gursikhi Jeevan (a pure lifestyle, which Baptised Sikhs are supposed to live according to), leads to his distorted views and thoughts.

3) He was recently given punishment from Sri Akaal Takht Sahib for speaking foolishly about Gurbani Kirtan performed at Sri Harmandir Sahib. He said that ‘Kirtanis at Darbar sahib sang Gurbani that was worse then music played at prostitute houses.’ This comment sparked international protest and disgust against Sarbjit Dhunda. After acknowledging his mistake and begging for forgiveness at Sri Akaal Tankhat Sahib, he accepted and completed the Tankha (punishment) given by the Panj Singh Sahibaans. He was told to never make the same mistake again and to not reject nor ridicule any Gurbani be it of Guru Granth Sahib Ji or Dasam Granth.  Yet only 6 months later he again spoke against the Bani of Sri Guru Gobind Singh Ji and Sri Hemkunt Sahib, in June 2012 at Nagpur. During this, his friend who spoke before him openly questioned key compositions that come in Rehras sahib and are part of Dasam Bani;
"thaad peyo Mai jorh kar, bachan kaha sir neyaeh,
panth chaleh tab jagat mai, jab tum Karo sahaeai".

4) His allegiances, by choice, have openly spoken out against:  (Please Note: This is a limited list, as there is too much to add). Prof Dhunda is guilty of parts of this list and has never disagreed with those who have proclaimed all that is below;

Rejecting parts of Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji - Raagmala. His associates have even rejected Bhatt Baani and Bhagat Baani, however he remains quiet on this issue and has spoken neither for (With the Sikh Nation) nor against his associates).

Rejecting Sri Dasam Granth Sahib Ji. Some have rejected the whole Granth, others have spoke against certain parts (including Nitnem Banian – Daily Prayers by Sikhs) and some have even made their own poetry to try and ridicule Gurbani. (Gurcharan Jeonwala who funds the Sikh Missionary projects in India).

Rejecting the history associated with Sri Hemkunt sahib
Dhunda against Sri Hemkunt Sahib:

Harjinder Sabhra and  Sarabjit Dhunda against Hemkunt Sahib and Chaupai Sahib:

Rejecting the concept of Amrit vela, doing Naam Abhiyaas/Simran. They call it “Totta rattan” – “like a parrot repeating itself”, (this can be seen in below videos), and despite the emphasis put on Amritvela and Simran by Guru Ji himself in Gurbani and throughout History.

The video below is of Inder Ghagha, Gurbachan Singh (Thailand) and Sarbjit Dhunda on a panel of ‘scholars’.  Inder Ghagha mocks the principle of doing Gurbani Jaap and Simran (at 2.30 mins). He does so despite Guru Sahib telling us in Gurbani that life without Gurbani/Simran is useless. He also says “doing Kirtan is pointless” (at 4.30mins) and ends by saying “Gurbani has no power to help us in life” (untill 7 mins).  Sarbjit Dhunda then speaks of his own history (at 11 mins) and of Inder Ghagha being his teacher (ustaad) at Gurmat Giaan missionary college. In this video they also dare to point fingers at the life of Guru Nanak Dev Ji.!

The reject the history of our great Sikhs, by blasphemous comments such as; “Baba Deep Singh's head did not come off”, “Bhai Mani Singh did not get cut piece by piece” and “Sri Guru Arjan Dev Ji did not sit calmly on a burning hot plate”. They disgracefully question such Gurmat examples and yet they fail to understand Sikh concepts, for example they even challenge;

Why do we need Srovars? Gurbani doesn't make the water pure?
5 bania were not read in Amrit Sanchar? Where is it written?

All of these concepts and more seem to be ‘Hinduism’ for them and they label it so. It appears they have a phobia of Hindus or are that they are strategically playing a game. The question arises then, who are the masters of these malevolent characters?

Harjinder Dilgeer recently went against his own work on Sikh history, why? We wonder how much of a payment he received to attempt destroying Sikh history and confusing the Sikh community.

Another associate of Sarbjit Dhunda, the nutty professor Darshan Singh who for years made millions from selling Gurbani Kirtan of Dasam Granth, who even starred in a film in 1984, whilst our brothers were being Shaheed, in which and spoke of Dasam bani and Hemkunt sahib. Now due to some influence, has also changed his stance. The very Bani he would sing and base his discourses on, he now openly rejects as not the Bani of our 10th King.
What went wrong? Why the U-turn? Are these paid agents to stir up trouble within the Sikh community (which they have done successfully)?

Now it's for the Sangat to decide whether such preachers are doing good or bad for the Sikh Nation and what the ulterior motives of such characters are.

Have they got a hidden agenda to make everyone lose faith in Gurbani? The very Gurbani that has changed millions of people, making them closer to the Guru and stronger in faith.

What are they actually trying to achieve???
Because it definitely isn't spirituality or being one with the Lord. It seems like a planned de-fragmentation of Sikhi, a plot to confuse and split the Sikh Nation, so that we reject the True Guru and become like them; baseless people with no love or fear for Guru Sahib.

Sarbjit Dhunda questioning Sri Jaap Sahib!

Inder Ghagha, Gurbachan Singh (Thailand) and Sarbjit Dhunda.  In this video Inder Ghagha mocks principles of Gurbani Jaap and Simran (at 2.30 mins). Blasphemy of Kirtan (at 4.30 mins) and of Gurbani (up untill 7 mins) is also seen.  Sarbjit Dhunda then speaks of his own history (11 mins) and speaks of Inder Ghagha being his teacher (Ustaad):!

Sarbjit Dhunda speaking against the Sikh National Anthem - saying it is not the words of Guru Gobind Singh Ji:

Prabdeep Tiger Jatha with Dhunda.  Dhunda replying, “going to nikke dhuman asthaan” at 4 mins. “barsia are manmat!

Akaal Takht Sandesh to boycott Dhunda:

Dhunda insults Sri Darbaar Sahib Kirtan (at 18 mins)

Dhunda on eating meat (at 2.30 mins) - questioning the panj pyareh not having right say meat is wrong!    

Dhunda against Sri Hemkunt Sahib

Harjinder Sabhra and Dhunda against Hemkunt Sahib and Chaupai Sahib

Sabhra, Dhunda and Thailand wala distorting Guru Arjan Dev Jis Shaheedi (at 9 mins)

Sabhra, Dhunda Thailand wala (at 38 mins), against Bhog of Degh and Bhog to langar

Dhunda (at 14mins) – “ You can carry shoes when taking Maharaj Jis Saroop”

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